by Toshiki Okada

dir. by Dan Rothenberg

A.R.T./NY Mezzanine Theater, 2018

set design

Time’s Journey Through a Room is set one year after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. This intimate, multi-layered play observes how hope can spring up alongside sadness and fear, and change can be realized if we are awake to the present moment.

Anna Kiraly’s set is defined by that door, which throws an almost threatening shadow at a skewered angle across the sunflower yellow floor. Into a typically Japanese design minimalism, Kiraly injects the bold colors and lines of Expressionism, an apt reference for the characters’ struggles to exteriorize and grapple with repressed emotions since the disaster. exeunt review

Orange flowers in a glass vase on a white table with adjoining white chairs in a room with a yellow floor, white walls, a white door frame, a gray couch with blue pillows are the stark elements of Anna Kiraly’s mesmerizing scenic design.  theaterscene review

New York Times review