by Ellen Maddow

Dir. by Paul Zimet

Smith College, MA, 2007

Connelly Theater, NY, 2008

Debreceni Csokonai Szinhaz, Hungary, 2008

Flip Side is the product of an unconventional collaboration, inverting the traditional creative process by designing a set first and then writing the play inspired by the visual/physical environment.

A comedy of longing, misperceptions, and mismatches, two sets of characters occupy two different worlds. The inhabitants of Drizzle Plaza – a bleak and empty place, like a city where everyone has gone on vacation – are drowning in the seductive power of infatuation, yearning, and regret. Meanwhile, on the flip side, is the Waterfall family in a world of constant motion and relentless cheerfulness with a dose of claustrophobia. And then the worlds being to mingle.