by Ellen Maddow

dir. by Ellie Heyman

HERE Theater, NYC, 2018

set and video design                                

In Talking Band's new music-theater work big ideas bump against big sound. Five brassy horns and two eccentric scientists leapfrog from epiphany to epiphany.

"The production elements also deserve mentionAnna Kiraly’s set, Mary Ellen Stebbins’s lights, and the costume design by Kiki Smith and Jill St. Coeur create striking visuals to complement the action onstage." The Reviewshub

"The set design (Anna Kiraly who also did the video) is pared down to a desk, chair, a chalkboard that is rolled on and off intermittently, and a simple black scrim. Together with the lighting (Mary Ellen Stebbins), it gives the small stage multiple dimensions..."                                      offoffonline