THE DOG, THE NIGHT and the Knife

by Marius von Mayenburg

dir. by Yuri Kordonsky

Irondale Theater, Brooklyn, 2019

costume design                                

"In its heart of hearts, Marius von Mayenburg’s play The Dog, The Night, and The Knife is a dystopian love story.

In the nameless Kafkaesque town in the middle of the endless night, when time is stuck at 5.05 (or is it S.O.S?), the character of M is hunted down and trying to survive until morning. Like in a nightmare ridden by blood-thirsty strangers, shape-shifting characters, rampant wolves and humans, and fatal knife wounds, M is trying to make sense of the senseless, absurd, and hallucinatory reality. In this town, desire to love translates into desire to possess. In this town, your lover is your prey. In this town, I want you translates into I want to eat you. Quite literally.

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