By the Pig Iron Theater Company

OHIO Theater, NYC, 2008

set design

A startling, poignant amalgam of Russian tragicomedy and contemporary brain science where a lonely, mildly-autistic botanist conjures up a parade of unsettling and comic recollections in an attempt to shape his fractured memories into a comforting fiction.

"Anna Kiraly's set is gorgeous, a circle with table and chairs, surrounded by museum ropes, and with a curtain in back that opens to reveal the cavelike depths of a brain."

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" is essentially a lively theatrical meditation on loneliness and disconnection — much like Chekhov’s own plays. In this case, however, we are exploring the condition from the inside out, wandering with a flickering candle through the caves of a solitary mind. (The set by Anna Kiraly suggests a small Victorian theater opening onto dank, clammy grottoes.)

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"The space at the Ohio has been entirely reconceived in an enchanting way (by set designer Anna Kiraly).

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